AVIONICS V1 impresses with design and performance. Combination of Spartan presence and striking power guarantees a smooth, exciting ride. Wherever AVIONICS V1 appears it meets huge interest and enthusiastic admiration. You can call it extraordinary experience with no exaggeration. AVIONICS V1 is made to give you the feeling of adventure every time you ride it.

Set the lamp switch to position 1 – you should notice the diode lights up – this means you have position light on. Touch immobilizer (placed on the top of the main chest) with your key. Now your AVIONICS V1 is ready to go with „Street” mode which means maximum 25 km/h.
If you wish to activate „Force” mode you just need to choose position 2. “Force” mode is already configured to maximum performance.
Since AVIONICS V1 has enormous performance and torque moment you don’t need to use pedals at all.

The full charge of the battery let you ride for the next 120 km in „Street” mode on a flat terrain.
If you set your mode to „Force” the range depends on controller configuration, type of terrain and drive style. Approximately you can reach 60 km.

Every single AVIONICS V1 after it is mounted has to go through the road tests and calibration. After you buy it, we configure it according to the regulations of your country. Likewise the charger is adapted to the electric system of particular countries.
AVIONICS V1 is ready to go just after you receive it, but we recommend full charge before.
Notice that only proper use will provide long life to your battery.
The battery is made of premium class high amperage industrial grade li-ion cells.
If you use it properly you lose only 10 to 20% of battery capacity after crossing 1000 full charges. Don’t you worry because it means you will not feel any change in battery capacity for the next 3 years.

Anti-theft security:
AVIONICS V1 is equipped with two kinds of anti-theft securities:
1. Immobilizer: the reader is on the main chest.
2. Rear wheel electric blockade.
AVIONICS V1 can be started only with your key. You need one second to do it. Just touch the reader with your key and the system turns blockades off. Your AVIONICS V1 is ready to go.The Engine and electronics securities:
AVIONICS V1 has double anti-overheating security, and anti-overloading blockade for the engine, controller and the other electronics.

Yes it is! The engine, electronics and the battery are safely closed in watertight casing.
There is no natural threat against AVIONICS V1. You don’t have to pay attention to the rain, snow and dust….But remember that AVIONICS V1 has an advanced electronics inside, so it needs some care too. Don’t push it too hard!

AVIONICS V1 is shipped in original packing that meets all the transportation requirements, including adequate documentation. It is configured according to the regulations of particular countries. AVIONICS V1 is ready to go just after you unpack it. The only thing you need is your key to start it.

AVIONICS V1 is handmade in short lots. The production starts with the last day of our campaign. The first shipping of 60 e-bikes is planned on the late spring of 2018. Afterwards we will be sending 10 bikes every month respecting the orders sequence.

Yes of course it can. Please contact us for more information.

All the steel, wood and leather elements as well as electronics and battery of AVIONICS V1 you can get directly from us. We will send you every element you need.

AVIONICS gives a 1 year warranty to all mechanical elements, electronics and battery. In case of any damage, please report it to us or to the closest dealer of AVIONICS V1.
If a shipment is required, you must pay for the shipment of the broken part to our closest dealer or service center. We will repair it and ship it immediately back to you.
The warranty does not include: damages coming from incorrect use, mechanical damages that are a result of a road accident, mechanical damages of paint, elements that get used as effect of regular e-bike operation: tires, chain, racks, brake pads, and so on.

We would really recommend wearing a helmet, even if your state or country laws does not require it. Like we always insist, safety comes first!

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