AQUILLA will be offered for $6.950 for North America and 6.950 euro gross (including VAT) for the European market. AQUILLA shares some parts including electronics and battery with an older, famous brother.
AQUILLA is also produced in Europe and derived experience from our famous AVIONICS V2/V3 model. A powerful engine allows smooth, long-distance rides. The bike can be programmed based on the requirements including pedal assists (PAS) switch on/off and speed limits based on local and your requirements.


We have a special, pre-sale offer:

For orders placed between 17 Feb and 28 Feb 2022 with reduced price by -20% and reduced shipment costs. The number of bikes in a pre-sale is limited to 50 bikes, only.



$ 5 560 orders placed 17-28 February 2022 + $420 freight costs
E-bike Class 2 with max speed 20-28MPH. We can upgrade (+$950) the bike to 36MPH (private property/outside public roads, only).



5 560 EUR gross (including VAT). Orders placed 17-28 February 2022. Shipment included
Pedelec, sPedelec or moped version based on requirements. PAS can be on/off
We can upgrade (+950 EUR gross) the bike to 58km/h



7 895 AUD for orders placed 17-28 February 2022 + freight costs
E-bike Class 2. Max speed 20-28MPH. We can upgrade (+1350 AUD) the bike to 36MPH (private property/outside public roads, only).


Production time: 4-6 months + shipment
Payment terms: 50% upfront +50% before shipment ( we will confirm when the bike is ready for dispatch). You will get pictures from production progress on request.

Aquila non capit muscas.

Four years after the launch of the first Avionics V model, we introduce the new model. If you liked the V1, you will love Avionics Aquilla!

The year 2022 will be the year of the eagle. Four years after the premiere of Avionics V1, we are proud to present another representative of the Avionics family. Uncompromising and even more aggressive, rebellious, and independent.

If you are familiar with Avionics V e-bike, you will notice that Aquilla has been designed with attention to every detail, either. We used stainless steel, precious Jatoba (FSC) wood parts, and high-quality leather. Aquilla continues the line of the Avionics V series with the classic Avionics lamp and the jatoba wooden box with the electronics and battery. The very low point of weight makes the ebike very easy and stable to ride.

The Aquilla is distinguished by its unique saddle. Made of steel, covered with soft leather, suspended on a central spring. This solution in combination with the three-inch balloon tires ensures high driving comfort and makes the Aquilla unique.

Powered by a 4 000 watt brushless engine, it can cover a distance up to 120 km at a maximum speed of 45 km/h. The Aquilla officially belongs to the speed pedelec category and offers several driving profiles, including engine assist in pedaling mode and driving in force mode only with the half throttle. It is possible to expand the system and unlock the maximum, remarkable speed of 58 km/h (private property and outside public roads).

Effective braking is provided by 203mm rotors and Hayes Expert calipers. The frame is a classic leaf construction, which, combined with a light steering wheel and accessories, resulted in a significant reduction in the weight of the vehicle, which directly translated into the performance of this predator.

Aquilla continues the tradition of uncompromising design.
Both the design and performance will not leave anyone indifferent.



Aquilla is a real “badass”, a rough player – you will either love it or hate it at first sight!




Will you dare?

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