These unique distinguishing features mean that it’s impossible to mistake
AVIONICS for any other e-bike around the world.
It’s a handmade bike in a premium class, made by masters of the craft.

Pure aesthetic form with a unique combination of wood and steel, and hidden wires – no visible elements.

Of course, what we see is not enough! The essentials are invisible to the eye. The heart of AVIONICS is electronics. Our e-bike deserves the best, that’s why we equipped it with a sine-wave controller, which is the best and most advanced type of e-bikes controller. This solution is used in electric motorcycles and is an advanced onboard computer. Remember that sine-wave controllers are usually never used in ‘common-or-garden’ e-bikes. Normally, other e-bike producers use just a simple block driver that lacks crucial adjustments. AVIONICS is the answer for those who appreciate an individual, flexible and friendly approach. In a “force mode”, you can transform it into a wild road speeder for an adrenaline kick or a sophisticated e-bike for a calm “walk” in the park. Feel free to get off the ground with the tire squeal!

“Absolute fusion of nature and engineering powered by electricity”
– this is our vision of the future  combined with a memory of the past.


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