First of all – design – pure aesthetic form with a unique combination of wood and steel, and hidden wires – no visible elements.

Of course, what we see is not enough! The essentials are invisible to the eye. The heart of AVIONICS is electronics. Our e-bike deserves the best, that’s why we equipped it with a sine-wave controller, which is the best and most advanced type of e-bikes controller. This solution is used in electric motorcycles and is an advanced onboard computer. Remember that sine-wave controllers are usually never used in ‘common-or-garden’ e-bikes. Normally, other e-bike producers use just a simple block driver that lacks crucial adjustments. AVIONICS is the answer for those who appreciate an individual, flexible and friendly approach. In a “force mode”, you can transform it into a wild road speeder for an adrenaline kick or a sophisticated e-bike for a calm “walk” in the park. Feel free to get off the ground with the tire squeal! Or maybe you prefer to gain speed little more quietly?

Moderate settings will let you enjoy up to 120 km ride on a single charge, without pedal back-up. The sinusoidal controller is the source of a few useful applications: cruise control, reverse gear (necessary in rough terrain), and boost mode, among others.

The sine-wave controller precisely manages the current flow and intelligently adjusts it to the driving style. As a result, we gain significant battery savings and a fluent, soft ride. We mustn’t forget to mention how quiet and harmonic it is. You cannot experience that in other e-bikes that have only a poor block controller installed.

Without doubt, AVIONICS controller is a highly advanced tool that creates a super combo with one of the best engines out there. Enormous power, combined with impressive torque takes AVIONICS out of the e-bikes category and into the motorcycle category.

We receive many questions about the legality of such a system in particular countries. The answer is simple: since the controller is fully customizable, you can adjust AVIONICS however you need to. The opportunity to define both of the available power modes (positions) makes adjustment as easy as pie. Position 1 is ready to set the power and speed according to the regulations of your country or region. Position 2 you can set to any power you wish to. In many e-bikes the unlimited mode is called “off road” and the more limited version is referred to as “eco”, “legal” or “city”. In AVIONICS the legal mode is named “street” while the limitless mode is named “force”.

So… More power to you! “Force” the pace and feel it!
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