More than 100 years ago, during the age of the motorization boom and the pioneer times of aviation, electricity revolutionized the world. Unfortunately, the electric revolution omitted motorization. Engineers directed their attention to fuel combustion engines which were and are inefficient, noisy, and not eco-friendly. This is why people never stopped searching for a way to move their machines with electricity. It was a challenge. Technological limits slowed down any significant progress in this area. One of the basic problems was battery design. The old ones were big, heavy and inefficient. They required long charge times and routine maintenance.
Nowadays, the resources of fossil fuels are almost finished; nature is exhausted. We need an alternative way to keep our machines moving and to keep them environmentally friendly. Electricity is the perfect solution. We can make the dreams of our ancestors come true.
Today’s advanced electronics, super-efficient batteries and classic electric engines make it possible to create an ideal machine. Quiet, fast, efficient, kind both to people and the environment. These features combine beautiful shape with retro soul.
AVIONICS is the quintessence of the retro-future machine. The first glance brings to mind the past days of the 30s and 40s. In those times things were designed to be beautiful, functional and everlasting. This idea inspired us through all stages of design.
The battery is at the heart of every electric vehicle. It must be strong and reliable. No matter what the e-bike looks like – its battery makes it useful. Our electrical engineers took on the challenge of battery design and at the same time, the rest of our team took care of the frame and wooden elements production. Everything had to match. There was no space for mistakes. There was no compromise – design and functionality had to come together. The ‘wow’ effect was our goal.
We faced many problems and questions. Step by step we solved them.

 The AVIONICS battery is 24 Ah made of high amperage industrial grade li-ion cells.
The Battery Management System is responsible for the battery safety. It protects cells from overcharge, over discharge and excessive current drain. Properly maintained batteries offer a few hundred charging cycles. This gives the perspective of many years of trouble-free operation with a slight decrease in capacity.
Depending on the driving style, the AVIONICS battery allows you to drive up to 120 km on one charge.
A big battery needs a proper charger – a high-amp fast charger!

We have designed and built a super-fast digitally controlled cc/cv charger. A twelve-amp charging current puts Avionics on wheels in under two hours. The AVIONICS Supercharger will be available as a limited accessory.
As a standard, each AVIONICS will receive a slightly smaller 8A charger. It will allow a full battery charge in three to four hours.
It is worth mentioning the AVIONICS brain – the controller. It is a fully customizable, high-end, FOC controller offering full torque from zero RPM, regenerative braking, and noiseless operation.
AVIONICS is a raw, spartan piece of equipment. Its main task is to bring joy! At a time when mobile electronics literally surrounds and even overwhelms us, we deliberately and purposely abandoned all the gadgets in our bike. The only electronic gadget is an Immobilizer coupled with an electric wheel lock for safety.
Get in, release the throttle and go! Enjoy the silence, feel the wind and nature, forget the phone, laptop and wifi. Just ride! AVIONICS will not distract you with notifications, reports on available networks, flashing diodes. AVIONICS is quiet and modest. AVIONICS is your friend and companion, who is neither obtrusive nor arrogant but knows his value.

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