The crude elegance of AVIONICS is completed by its wooden elements. Ascetic, cold steel construction contrasts with warm, cozy, high-quality wood.
During a brainstorming session, we considered many different sorts of wood, such as classic oak , hardwood or even exotic wood. Eventually, only Brazilian cherry, called kawanari, paqiuo or jatoba, met our requirements. This extraordinary natural resource is often called wooden steel or diamond cherry because of its extreme hardness, resistance, and the fact that it is waterproof.

The exceptional properties of jatoba were appreciated by our ancestors who used the wood to produce car wheels or underlays for train tracks. Today we use it to make furniture, floors or even baths and swimming pools! Since it is waterproof it doesn’t swell and, if properly maintained, it never cracks. All wooden elements are oiled in order to reach a deep, red-brown color. It matures just like a fine wine. Time makes it even nobler because the grains get more visible and the color gets deeper. There is no doubt we embellish AVIONICS with jatoba to raise it to the highest level of elegance.
Jatoba was considered as a medicine among Indians in South America for centuries. Its antifungal and antiseptic actions were used to cure wounds and inflammation. For the same reason, it keeps woodworms and other pests away. Jatoba doesn’t decay; it seems to be everlasting.
The resin of Brazilian cherry was also important to the Maya, being burned during their rituals as an incense to protect them from evil and black magic. You can feel that AVIONICS absorbed this ancient Indian power.

The biggest and the most visible wooden element is the main chest. This is where we placed the battery, controller, and electronics. This element of AVIONICS construction is a proof of design and functionality alliance. The beautiful wooden chest provides perfect security for the heart of our e-bike. Water, wind and dust will never get inside.

Looking at the profile line, beginning from the front lamp and ending with the saddle, we can perceive the upturned composition of a pyramid. To make everything compatible we attached a wooden lining to the brake handles and front forks covers.

All of AVIONICS’s wooden parts are milled on a CNC machine so they will have a universal, repeatable shape. Every single element is polished manually. This style of production lets us generate short production lots, where each final product is the same. The only detail that differs, one from another, is the inimitable cut that belongs individually to any craftsman just like an autograph. This individual approach applies not only to the wooden elements but also to the frame, triple clamps, and electronics. We can say it with total confidence – every AVIONICS is unique! This is the child of genuine craftsmen, artists in their field. After all, AVIONICS becomes one-of-a-kind, a piece of art.

AVIONICS has a rich soul. It is not just another piece of steel coming from the assembly line. It is created in small workshops by passionate beauty lovers, who see their work as a sort of mission, not just a duty. Their respect for nature, art, and technology is obvious in every element of their work.

AVIONICS is a vivid alliance of past and future, technology with nature, and spartan crudity with noble elegance. All of that only for one reason – to give joy…not only on the road! We want AVIONICS to be a timeless installation, a modern sculpture that is a beauty spot wherever it is.
Each element has its own story – the story of people, ideas, and the connotations involved. This is a part of our soul, the soul of AVIONICS.

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