A bit of history

Our story begins in July 2015 when Jaromir and Bartek first met on a Baltic beach. This lucky coincidence – the fact that they’re both adventure junkies who share a passion for transportation and take inspiration from nature – gave birth to AVIONICS.
As a species, humans have always wanted to fly and we’ve managed to achieve this in so many ways and through so many means – a fighter plane, balloon or space rocket. We also reach for the sky through philosophy, poetry or art – in a less literal, more abstract way.
So how could we get off the ground in both a metaphorical and a literal way?
Craving adventure and nature is an element. An element that’s dangerous and seductive, something that pushes us forward. It’s the desire to fly, with avionics helping to keep this under control and (relatively) safe.
It’s the same with our AVIONICS – you can control it easily and riding it reminds you of flying – just as in a dream, when you glide over fields, mountains and moors.

Where does the name come from?

It came from our fascination with aviation,  transportation and the need for speed. We wanted to create a beautiful object. An object that would bring happiness, look incredible and be powerful.

Metal, wood and leather

You can search for plastic, rubber or cables in our model, but we can tell you now – you won’t succeed. AVIONICS is a pure form, designed to merge contrasts. Wood with steel, smooth lines with sporty character, wildness with nobility. The harmonic combination of a steel frame with a wooden saddle, box and light represents both power and purity and Spartan exclusivity.
Spartan because of its simplicity and reliability.
Exclusive because you feel special when you use it.

“Absolute fusion of nature and engineering powered by electricity”
– this is our vision of the future  combined with a memory of the past.


More than 100 years ago, electric vehicles started the worldwide revolution and introduced civilization to a higher level of transportation. For some reason, people considered petroleum to be the better product to move their machines. They forgot about the potential of electricity to start their engines. Luckily times are changing. Nowadays electricity comes back to motorization in great style, enriched with high technology. The new renaissance is coming and AVIONICS is a part of it. The technological revolution is now!

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