AVIONICS tends toward the pure and aerodynamic line of aircraft.


First was the idea to create an electric bike that would be characterized by unique and beautiful form. Our inspiration dates back to the most amazing times of motorization full bloom. We combine it with aviation stylistics and engineering. AVIONICS  is a complete creation – we project and perform all the most important elements of our e-bike.

The idea resulted in primary conception drawings. This stage of our work was highly stormy, filled with endless tests, discussions and sleepless nights. The design was instantly changing. We turned down few misguided projects in order to replace them with perfect ones.

Chrome plated headlight

Eventually, we accepted the final form. From this moment we began on manufacturing all the components. In the end, we could build our machine.

According to our presumption, we turned down most ready-made elements. Our goal was to make them by ourselves.

What distinguishes us from the other e-bikes is a characteristic frame with a wooden saddle. It is suspended on an expressive leaf spring. The front forks with handlebars smooth end up with reversed, massive brake levers. Authorial frontal hub corresponds with the engine placed in the back wheel. All the wooden elements are created individually.

Our primary desire was to keep the pure line of AVIONICS. That means the lack of any protruding constructional elements or visible connections. All cords and wires are hidden inside the frame, so we could reach crude, Spartan design.

Every part of AVIONICS went through fire and water. From the idea, conceptual drawings, executive projects to the final work of our craftsmen.

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